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Xperienceships: Xplore Your Career

It's time to invest in and design your future 🚀

Our career platform hosts your yearly subscription of industry and career exploration. A safe space to network with experts, read the latest topical news, attend workshops and develop your professional skills. 

We know that people don't spend enough time exploring their career and ultimately end up making the wrong, and in many cases bad decisions. These choices end up with unfulfilling work, which to us is not just a waste of opportunity, but a waste of a life. 

Let's Start Exploring 🧭

By joining our career exploration platform, each month you'll explore a new industry. We will delve into the history, present and future to assist you on your career exploration journey. From recruiter in sports tech to developer of green cities and costume designer for performing arts this platform will expand your knowledge and outlook on the world of work.

Not only will you be exploring specific industries, you will also be introduced to how you can design your career. Expert career coaches will guide you through workshops and live webinars to develop your learning and exploration skills while setting you up on a roadmap to success. We think everyone deserves a career that they love and that includes you! 

What's Included In My Subscription?

Your annual subscription includes all of the following👇

  • 12 X Challenge projects; build your skills while completing project work for international clients
  • 4 Webinars with experts per month; ask your burning questions and get top industry insights
  • Up to date industry content to expand you're knowledge and keep you at the forefront of important industry developments
  • Over 20 expert interviews released monthly to introduce you to the opportunities available to you 
  • Monthly career exploration workshops and webinars designed to help you build on your professional journey
  • Access to free self led courses: self brand, remote work & explore your career - over 200 hours of resources and learning 
  • A network full of supportive like-minded individuals exploring their careers with you
  • Access to previous explored industries; videos, webinars, written content and worksheets

What Our Members Say 💬

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Join over 1000+ yearly members

"I really value working with industry experts and mentors, and having the opportunity to share their knowledge and learn from them."



What Industries Are Next? ⚙️

Each month we explore a new industry from sports tech to sustainable design. Industries are chosen with our community of career explorers. Join our platform and have you say!

How Do I join?

It's as simple as clicking the Choose Plan button☝️and providing your relevant contact details.

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